About Me

I'm Jelisa Jeffery, and I have a slight obsession with everything cute, and everything Japanese. Through my obsession I was introduced to bento lunches, and immediately knew that I had to get in on this adorable way of putting food in a box. I am a college student, enrolled in a photography class, and have decided this is the perfect opportunity to do so. I'm kind of shy and will probably eat most of my lunches somewhere alone with my boyfriend, and I know I don't want all this work to only see the inside of my belly, so I created this blog to show my bento lunches to the world. I hope to inspire people and teach others how to make lunches fun, delicious - but most importantly, healthy. I'm not just all about pink bows and polka-dots, I also enjoy good, healthy, organic and natural food, and I intend to incorporate this in all my lunches. Feel free to copy my ideas, but I wouldn't mind if you recommended my blog in return :)

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